Living in a house is more like a home than an apartment. It gives you the freedom to live more the way you want to and the privacy from people living too close.

Most of our rentals are 2 and 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom. We require a 6 month lease and pet deposit. You must qualify with a low level background check. 

Rental Management

Our rental record is excellent, we've never had to evict. All of our renters love us and are happy to pay rent on time. Most of our rentals (with a mortgage) enjoy a 20% cash flow annually. Palawy Property Holdings is sister company to Lloyd's Handyman Service. That gives us the convenient opportunity to eliminate a middle man and offer quick, inexpensive repair service. Our management fees are competitive with other management companies in the Joplin area. We can offer as much or as little involvement in the details as you would like.